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    Kauai Poi

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    Our Poi is made from kalo grown on the West-side of Kauai, which has historically produced some of the most ʻono poi in all of Hawaiʻi. The poi for our online orders is frozen right after production in order to keep the freshest, sweetest flavor. It is shipped frozen, but ready to eat once thawed and re-heated.

    In recent years, the rest of the world has finally started to learn what Hawaiians have known for centuries, that Poi is a “SUPER-FOOD.” Poi holds immense nutritional value and health benefits including being hypo-allergenic. It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, Vitamins A, B, and C, and easily digestible proteins. It is a complex carbohydrate that provides energy but is easily burned off, thus perfect for every level of athlete. Poi is safe to be consumed by people of all ages, shapes, and sizes and we should all be eating more of it!

    Please Note: These are shipped in 1lb bags. Orders are shipped out on Mondays. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Aloha Aina Poi is made from 100% Kauaʻi grown kalo. We pride our company on making thick, ono, ready to eat poi. No additional mixing is needed. You can add more water if you like, but that is up to you!

    We do not add preservatives and we do not pasteurize our product. Pasteurization is an unnecessary step in the preparation of poi as it is a fermented food. The product will start to take on a sour taste in 5-7 days, but as our kūpuna have taught us, this is the ono (flavor) that also adds probiotic nutritional value.

    Poi is made using the root of the kalo plant. Varieties of kalo, or taro, is found all over the world however, this preparation method of kalo is unique to Hawaiʻi. The traditional preparation method is to kuʻi ʻai (hand pound) steamed kalo roots with papa kuʻi ʻai (board)  and pōhaku kuʻi ʻai (carved stone pounders) and slowly mix with water until a gummy consistency is reached, at this stage it is called paʻi ʻai. Water continues to be added and mixed by pounding until a very smooth, creamy consistency is reached, at this stage it is poi.

    We now use machinery to mass produce poi, but the ingredients remain simple, steamed kalo, and water. We do not add preservatives, nor do we pasteurize our product as this detracts from the nutritional value and the authentic flavor of the product.

    Kalo, or taro (Colocasia Esculenta) is the staple carbohydrate of the traditional Hawaiian diet and was the centerpiece of highly productive agricultural systems throughout Hawaiʻi. Kalo is one of the most complex carbohydrates on earth. It is a crop that is found throughout the world, however, prior to western contact, Hawaiʻi was home to over 300 unique varieties that were grown in wet-land and dry-land environments. Of those native varieties, there are 87 unique varieties remaining today.

    The indigenous Hawaiian people maximized the nutritional value of this crop by utilizing all parts of the plant and by preparing poi using the root. This prepartion consists of mashing steamed kalo and mixing it with water. Not only does this “stretch” the quantities for consumption but it also activates a fermentation process that enhances the nutritional value of the vitamin and nutrient crop.

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    For speciality ordering or large quantities for parties, fundraisers, or special occasions, email alohaainapoico@gmail.com

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    Our poi and kūlolo are frozen for shipping and arrive fresh at your door with instructions on how to properly thaw your Aloha ʻĀina Poi Company product.